Ray White Kogarah – End of an Era

Ray White Kogarah has been the home for Greg Payne and the team for the past 20 years or so. There have been many changes in the real estate industry over that period, particularly in technology, you can now search for property on your smart phone, who thought that was ever going to be possible 20 years ago? The advances in technology have also helped agencies better service their customers as well, with improved communications via emails and chat, real time updates on listings, faster reporting and numerous smaller but equally important advances as well.



image of ray white kogarah office from front
Ray White Kogarah – end of an era


Greg and the team are excited about becoming an independent agency and look forward to the future as Greg Payne Real Estate in their recently acquired new premises complete with new fit-out and fresh paint to reflect the agency’s new branding.

Greg Payne – Bringing People and Property Together for Over 30 Years